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SMS as a Business Tool


“Another solution is the SMS Communications Manager, which is aimed at businesses and professionals who want a simple, inexpensive solution for sending, receiving, and using text messages in different applications …”

Moving Beyond the Silo


“Integration of SMS as one of the channels used by these integrated, multi-channel marketing programs is growing. Many of the big brand marketers like Google are making significant investments in this area… “

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

Use your Android™ phone(s) as SMS gateway:

  • No need to buy bulk SMS
    • Source for mobile subscription package that offers the cheapest
    • SMS rates in the market yourself (e.g. unlimited plan).


  • No set up fee for 2-way interactive features
    • A suite of features comes ready with the application


  • No need for dedicated, specialized equipment
    • Maximize the usage of your Android phone


Google Apps Integration

  • Access the application from Google Apps™ universal navigation bar using Google™ login authentication.
  • Share access with authorized users in your domain.
  • Secured database using Google’s datastore.



  • The application runs on Google App Engine™ – Google’s reliable cloud computing infrastructure.
  • The same level of security, privacy and data protection as Google Apps™.



  • CRM for your mobile text messaging
    • Contact Management
    • Message Store


  • 2-way Interactive SMS
    • Automated broadcast campaign
    • Opt Out tracking
    • Auto-responder
    • SMS polling


  • Real-time statistics and detailed analytical reports

  • Web SMS mode – send and receive SMS from a web interface in conversation style

  • Live Viewing of Inbound SMS
    • Tag and comment
    • Traffic charts & history


  • Social Media Integration
    • Twitter
    • Facebook


  • Multimedia Messaging
    • Picture Message
    • Voice Message

User Reviews

SMS Communications Manager

by Ying Lee

January 27, 2011

Great SMS product!!! This product let me do away of sending mass SMS to my existing and new clients from my tiny handphone, let the PC do the job more efficiently The manager also manage the responses and take care of the unsub reply. Most importantly, the SMS Communication Manager is a very cost effective solution


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Wonderfully designed, stable operation

by Josiah Barlow Verified user

December 30, 2010

LOVE this product…it’s so nice to have a live view of incoming messages on my computer & be able to reply from my browser vs. picking up my handset every 10

seconds! The greatest feature? The fact that the SMS is sent from your ACTUAL phone number…none of these odd codes and usernames!

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